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Headphones do more than you think. When people listen to music with headphones, they are making a statement. People have different kinds of headphones, whether because of quality or design. When it comes to quality, I prefer Beats by Dr. Dre over any other headphones. Since I now own a pair of those headphones, I though to myself: Why not customize them? I sat down, came up with a couple of ideas, and finally came up with a pair of headphones that I would love to wear.

I am a huge fan of One Piece, a japanese manga written by Eiichiro Oda. It’s a very interesting manga that contains pirates and unique powers that are similar to superpowers. I’ve been reading it since I was in grade school, and I still read it to this day. One of my favorite characters in the series is Trafalgar Law. Not only does he have awesome powers and abilities, but his pirate crest is very cool. So, I decided to put his crest on both sides of my headphones (covering the Beats logos). First, I printed two copies of the crest on Epson Ink Jet paper and cut them out. Then I applied adhesive (through the use of a machine) to the back of both crests. After putting them on the headphones, I finished my headphones project. I think they turned out looking great, and I will continue using these headphones for a long time.


If You Wait, They Will Come To You

This generation is all about spending money that we don’t have. Even though I fall under this category, I still try to hold off on things that I do not need. That is unless something comes along at a reasonable price. I’ve been trying to find a pair of decent headphones, whether they are Sol Republic or Beats, for quite a while. This is mainly because two of my roommates play music in the house all of the time. Sometimes it is bearable, but sometimes I just need some peace and relaxation. Music serves as an outlet for me to relax and think about anything that is on my mind. That is why I am so glad that I found a pair of Beats.

I wouldn’t, however, just go out of my way and buy a brand new pair of Beats. The best way to find them, or just to shop in general, is by using eBay. I’ve been hooked to eBay for a couple of years, and I’ve realized one thing: you can always find what you want, but not for the price you want to get it. Of course people are going to overprice their product when they sell it. They know how much people search for, in my case, Beats. As the buyer, you have to know your limit and exactly how much you want the product. That is why I’ve been holding off on headphones for a while, and I just won a pair of brand new Beats for less than half their retail value! You just have to wait until the best deal comes to you.


It’s More Than Just a Game

Board games have been around for thousands of years, ever since the First Dynasty in Egypt. However, they serve more than just one purpose. Aside from being a source of fun and entertainment, board games can challenge a person’s intellect and measure how smart one really is. A perfect example of this type of game is chess.

Chess has been one of my favorite games to play ever since I picked it up in 6th grade. I’ve always enjoyed the complexity of the game, whether I win or lose a match. It’s been a long time since I have played chess on a regular basis, but now I am taking a class that relates chess to life. Now I get to enjoy one of my favorite games and really look into the process of knowing how to play chess.

Today’s class was a very interesting game of chess. I played another student in the class, and the game lasted the entire duration of class. The best part about it is that I ended up having three queens in the end, which I have never done before! Every game of chess you play will be different in some way, shape, or form.