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If You Wait, They Will Come To You

This generation is all about spending money that we don’t have. Even though I fall under this category, I still try to hold off on things that I do not need. That is unless something comes along at a reasonable price. I’ve been trying to find a pair of decent headphones, whether they are Sol Republic or Beats, for quite a while. This is mainly because two of my roommates play music in the house all of the time. Sometimes it is bearable, but sometimes I just need some peace and relaxation. Music serves as an outlet for me to relax and think about anything that is on my mind. That is why I am so glad that I found a pair of Beats.

I wouldn’t, however, just go out of my way and buy a brand new pair of Beats. The best way to find them, or just to shop in general, is by using eBay. I’ve been hooked to eBay for a couple of years, and I’ve realized one thing: you can always find what you want, but not for the price you want to get it. Of course people are going to overprice their product when they sell it. They know how much people search for, in my case, Beats. As the buyer, you have to know your limit and exactly how much you want the product. That is why I’ve been holding off on headphones for a while, and I just won a pair of brand new Beats for less than half their retail value! You just have to wait until the best deal comes to you.

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